The rich fishing grounds around the southern part of the UK are served by a fascinating variety of ports and harbours.  In the south west, Brixham and Plymouth in Devon and Newlyn in Cornwall are the main fishing ports with their own auction markets. 

Travelling north from Newlyn, the next auction market to be found on the west coast of the UK is Fleetwood in Lancashire.  Travelling east from Brixham, your next most likely port of call will be Shoreham-by-Sea where Brighton and Newhaven Fish Sales Ltd will accept your fish by prior arrangement.


Looe is a picturesque harbour town in east Cornwall and is a popular tourist destination.

The River Looe divides the town into East Looe and West Looe and the entrance to the harbour is famous for its Banjo Pier. The design of the pier was devised to avoid the age old problem of "silting up" and the one at Looe was thought to be the prototype for many subsequently built all over the world.

The other thing for which Looe is famous is the failure of its fishermen to buy a drink in The Dolpin pub on Plymouth's Barbican when they were visiting the port in the 1970's, 80's and 90's but that's another story.

Fishing has always been extremely important to Looe and in the last 40 years, the port has had a successful, innovative and competitive inshore trawling fleet.

The ongoing contraction of the Fishing Industry,  however, has led to a reduction in the size of the Looe fleet in recent years. It also led to the end of the fish auction market in June 2019 which Plymouth Trawler Agents had hoped to take over.

The combination of Brexit and Covid meant that landings fell well below viable levels for an auction market. Much of the fish now landed overland in Looe is sent on to Plymouth by road transport, for auction at our market...

Looe Harbour Commissioners continue to provide excellent service and storage facilities for the local fishing fleet.

Looe harbour authority


Tel: 01503 262839 or 07918 728 955

VHF Channel 14

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