Order of Sale

Info on order of sale and the species order

The sale is sold in an order governed by type of vessel and species, the orders are listed below. This is done so if a buyer wants a certain quality or species they have a rough idea when the item they are wanting to bid on will come up in the auction. Again this is only a guide and could differ slightly but in general this is  the format of the auction.

Order of Sale

Listed below is the order of sale by vessel type and species.

Tripping trawlers are usually the larger trawlers that spend up to six days at sea most of these have their own ice plant and refrigerated fish rooms so the quality is still very good.

Trawler groups consist of smaller trawlers going to sea for a maximum of 48 hours, they are grouped together in groups of up to 20 boats, this is because they quite often catch small amounts of different species and grouping them together make the lot a more desirable amount for bigger buyers whilst the smaller buyers still have the chance to choose smaller amounts within that lot providing they bid before the bigger buyers.

Squid and cuttle are sold by species as they can often be large amounts and the price can vary too much over a long period of time during the morning.

Next sold are the beamers and larger netters by vessel followed by pelagic fish either by vessel or group. then small inshore netters and groups and finally any "A" grade fish and scallop by-catch.

  1. Tripping trawlers
  2. Trawler groups
  3. Squid & cuttle
  4. Beamers
  5. Large netters
  6. Pelagic fish
  7. EL Line caught
  8. Small netters
  9. Netter groups
  10. A grade fish
  11. Scallop by-catch

Species Order of Sale

  1. Dover Sole
  2. Sand Sole
  3. Lemon Sole
  4. Plaice
  5. Megrim
  6. Dabs
  7. Witches
  8. Monkfish
  9. Turbot
  10. Brill
  11. Red Mullet
  12. Hake
  13. Bass
  14. Dory
  15. Breams
  16. Cod/Roe
  17. Pollack/Roe
  18. Coley
  19. Ling/Roe
  20. Haddock/Roe
  21. Whiting/Roe
  22. Ray Wings
  23. Whole Ray
  24. Pouting
  25. Gurnards
  26. Conger
  27. Tope/Hound/Shark
  28. Mixes
  29. Scallops
  30. Octopus

The species order is always the same whether  being sold in "groups" or by "vessel" squid and cuttle are usually the only lots sold by species per vessel.

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