Who We Are?

Plymouth Trawler Agents is a private limited company.  It has approximately 100 shareholders, most of whom are fishing boat owners.

Plymouth Trawler Agents is a private limited company. It has approximately 100 shareholders, most of whom are fishing boat owners. In addition, a few of the shareholders are fish merchants/buyers while a few more are philanthropic shareholders just wishing to see the survival and continuation of the Fishing Industry in Plymouth.

In many ways, the Company has "co-operative" aims and objectives but it is managed on more conventional business lines because the founder members were only too aware at the outset of the dangers of managing by committee.  If you took that concept a stage further and thought that a committee of fishermen could run a Company then you would qualify for immediate psychiatric assistance. If you were looking for agreement, one fisherman in a room is enough for an argument, two will cause a fight and three or more would be the start of a mass brawl.

The Company has a Board of six Directors, three of whom are non executive Directors. In addition the Company usually has about 23 employees of whom 12 are engaged on the evening shift, six on the morning shift, two are drivers and six including three of the Directors man the office and carry out a host of other duties because of their versatile skills.

Our Staff

We are envious of the many companies we see on the web who project a smooth corporate image, a faultless business and a fully professional staff.

In contrast, our Company's image resembles that of a roughly ploughed field, we are usually beset with myriad problems and our staff run the full gamut of abilities from brilliant to disconcertingly incompetent.

The Company has a Board of six Directors of whom three are non-executive Directors. The Directors are:-

1. David Cuthbert      (non-exec)
2. Anne F Down        (non-exec)
3. Mark Heslop          (Auctioneer)
4. Alison M Pessell    (Company Secretary)
5. David Pessell         (Managing Director)
6. Michael A Walker   (non-exec)

Including the three executive Directors, the Company usually employs a staff of 24-28 persons. In addition to the Directors, the Company employs a further three persons to run its busy office. Their duties range from doing the accounts and paying the wages to driving and emergency cover for unexpected staff absences.

Most of our staff are employed on the Fish Market floor on either the morning or evening shift. This is the area where much of the hard physical work takes place. A staff of 2-14 can be required for the evening shift depending on the amount of fish to be processed, though perhaps 9-10 would be nearer the norm. Five persons are usually employed on the morning shift where the work is slightly less arduous but still demanding.

The company also employs two drivers to collect fish from the smaller inshore vessels in ports such as Looe, Polperro, Mevagissey and Padstow. The company contracts out for the larger consignments of fish to be brought overland to the market

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