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The vessels that supply fish to our auction vary dramatically from small inshore rowing boats to large 160 tonne 30 metre beam trawlers.

Obviously the very small boats are uneconomic from our point of view but because we are not in business to maximize profits, we are happy to handle and auction their catches. Looking back over a recent average week, 21 different vessels landed catches worth less than £200, several of them with more than one landing. In the summer, this type of landing increases in number significantly as the weather permits more small vessels to go to sea regularly. The Company's commissions from such landings vary between £2 and £8 per vessel per week which would be completely unsustainable but for the bigger landings and margins from the larger vessels.

The upside of small vessels of course is that they are often at sea for only a few hours. Thus if they look after the fish they catch, the quality is likely to be superb and gives added impetus to the auction.

We have asked some of the boat owners if they would give us a little bit of history about their venture into fishing and their current view of the Industry. We have specifically asked them not to say anything about us because we don't like criticism.

Our success has come about mainly because we have a loyal base of suppliers (boat owners). Many of the owners have been landing to us since the inception of the Company over 20 years ago. In our opinion, it is the diversity of the fleet matched to the wonderful mixed fishery in the south and south west of the UK that makes the whole thing work. Relations do become strained now and again among different sections of the fleet when interests overlap. Nevertheless, anyone taking an objective overview of the fleet would quickly recognize the importance of all boats large and small and their dependence on each other to make the whole thing work.


We have a large selection of registered fish buyers on our books ranging from small independent "van men" to large wholesalers and exporters. Therefore fish auctioned in Plymouth could end up on the plate of Mrs Trellis of Bovey Tracey, one of the major supermarkets, Youngs Seafood in Grimsby, The Ritz in Piccadilly or the Koka restaurant in Gothenburg!

Initially we will list our registered buyers and any that would like us to include a link to their website can contact us and we will see what we can do. 

 A J Searle Fishmongers Marisco Fish Ltd. Simply Fish
 P Atkins Fishmongers Ltd Market Plaice Smart's Prime Fish
 B & N Fish Sales Ltd Mr R May T/A May's Fish Sole Trader
 Blackmore Catering Mevagissey Wet Fish Star * Fish of Looe Ltd.
 Bluesail Fish Company
 Moby Nicks Ltd.
 Tregida Seafood Limited
 Britannia of Beesands More Seafood Trelawney Fish
 Celtic Fish & Game Limited Moxon's Fresh Fish Limited

Veasey & Sons

 Charlie's Fish New Wave Seafoods Whitelink Seafoods Ltd
 Coombe Fisheries. Newlyn Fish Co. Wing of St Mawes Ltd
 Elite Frozen Foods Ocean Fish (Vistgate) Ltd Woodard
 F G Ivey & Sons Ocean Harvest 

Falfish Limited

 Paramount 21 Ltd. 

Fish for Thought Ltd

 Ian Perkes Fish Merchants Ltd. 
 Flying Fish Seafoods Quayside Fish 
 G & J Wilson R G Seafoods 
 Iceberg Ltd Rex Down Wholesale Fish Merchants Ltd 
 Interfish Limited Robert's Fish 
 W James & Sons S & J Fisheries Ltd.
 Jonas Fishmongers Ltd S Riddler Ltd. 
 Kingfisher (Brixham) Ltd. Samphire Foods Limited 
 MCB Seafoods Ltd Samways Fish Merchants and International TransportersLtd. 
  Sefton Ltd. 

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