Fish Species

Here are some charts that show the total kilos per species landed to Plymouth in 2017. Click on type to see monthly totals per species.


Shellfish Fish - And Best Fishing Seasons - South West England

FishLatin NameJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Crab/Claws Cancer pagurus 155Kg 84Kg 205Kg 339Kg 459Kg 652Kg 536Kg 565Kg 627Kg 262Kg 521Kg 160Kg
Crayfish Cambarus 1Kg 3Kg 2Kg 5Kg 4Kg 18Kg 11Kg 11Kg 4Kg 1Kg 10Kg 1Kg
Lobster Nephropidae 24Kg 17Kg 52Kg 188Kg 197Kg 249Kg 115Kg 127Kg 91Kg 61Kg 53Kg 23Kg
Spider Crab/Claws Majidae 22Kg 9Kg 57Kg 42Kg 75Kg 66Kg 83Kg 18Kg 30Kg 31Kg 65Kg 36Kg
Whelks Buccinidae 5Kg 68Kg 45Kg 105Kg 50Kg 12Kg 30Kg 2Kg 8Kg 17Kg 19Kg 43Kg
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