Fish Species

Here are some charts that show the total kilos per species landed to Plymouth in 2017. Click on type to see monthly totals per species.


Shellfish Fish - And Best Fishing Seasons - South West England

FishLatin NameJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Crab/Claws Cancer pagurus 224Kg 290Kg 191Kg 546Kg 1157Kg 1054Kg 1443Kg 874Kg 540Kg 1046Kg 298Kg 80Kg
Crayfish Cambarus 5Kg 6Kg 8Kg 14Kg 9Kg 14Kg 7Kg 10Kg 8Kg 1Kg 1Kg 1Kg
Lobster Nephropidae 154Kg 200Kg 104Kg 365Kg 358Kg 167Kg 248Kg 169Kg 117Kg 177Kg 60Kg 47Kg
Spider Crab/Claws Majidae 184Kg 166Kg 107Kg 481Kg 792Kg 551Kg 743Kg 374Kg 80Kg 59Kg 48Kg 22Kg
Whelks Buccinidae 170Kg 150Kg 52Kg 389Kg 181Kg 6Kg 16Kg 1Kg 25Kg 70Kg 9Kg 43Kg
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