Fish Species

Here are some charts that show the total kilos per species landed to Plymouth in 2017. Click on type to see monthly totals per species.


Inky Fish - And Best Fishing Seasons - South West England

FishLatin NameJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Cuttlefish Sepiida 108392Kg 48184Kg 35204Kg 18709Kg 11635Kg 1306Kg 336Kg 2568Kg 14428Kg 66138Kg 130512Kg 73226Kg
Fantail Squid Fantail Squid 0Kg 0Kg 0Kg 0Kg 1Kg 58Kg 320Kg 136Kg 16Kg 4Kg 2Kg 0Kg
Octopus Octopoda 7162Kg 5051Kg 3668Kg 1347Kg 2187Kg 959Kg 2846Kg 2011Kg 19513338Kg 4400Kg 1087Kg 3773Kg
Squid Teuthida 15087Kg 4687Kg 2447Kg 876Kg 817Kg 730Kg 426Kg 1144Kg 2446Kg 11064Kg 21418Kg 8165Kg
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