Fish Species

Here are some charts that show the total kilos per species landed to Plymouth in 2021. Click on type to see monthly totals per species.


Inky Fish - And Best Fishing Seasons - South West England

FishLatin NameJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Cuttlefish Sepiida 16473.5Kg 11462Kg 18826Kg 17184Kg 8838Kg 4775Kg 1270Kg 3149Kg 13554Kg 43762Kg 73781Kg 44176Kg
Fantail Squid Fantail Squid 0Kg 0Kg 0Kg 0Kg 24Kg 351Kg 89Kg 89Kg 20Kg 0Kg 0Kg 0Kg
Octopus Octopoda 1478Kg 825Kg 1286Kg 1352Kg 1315Kg 781Kg 1526Kg 2700Kg 3507Kg 2963Kg 4207Kg 2850Kg
Squid Teuthida 1700Kg 669Kg 401Kg 617Kg 404Kg 466Kg 599Kg 402Kg 442Kg 825Kg 13304Kg 10572Kg
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