Fish Species

Here are some charts that show the total kilos per species landed to Plymouth in 2020. Click on type to see monthly totals per species.


Inky Fish - And Best Fishing Seasons - South West England

FishLatin NameJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Cuttlefish Sepiida 139077.66Kg 43742.4Kg 39852.2Kg 19030.3Kg 11055.8Kg 3826.1Kg 2498.6Kg 13704.9Kg 63246.18Kg 61489.6Kg 73195.1Kg 43516.1Kg
Fantail Squid Fantail Squid 0Kg 0Kg 0Kg 0Kg 10Kg 122.9Kg 177.9Kg 38.4Kg 0Kg 21.3Kg 3.6Kg 0Kg
Octopus Octopoda 6453.7Kg 4862.9Kg 4355.3Kg 2509.9Kg 2474.8Kg 1790Kg 1822.1Kg 2597.8Kg 2902.6Kg 2117.5Kg 2513.6Kg 1902.8Kg
Squid Teuthida 4350.14Kg 1155.7Kg 1099.1Kg 1172.2Kg 1019Kg 925.5Kg 1385.4Kg 1397.7Kg 3447.6Kg 2032.4Kg 3255.7Kg 2869Kg
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